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    people are scary because they look at you, with their eyes

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    moe is an Independent Artist who creates her works in her Apartment based in Nagoya, Japan. You can often find moe sitting by her phone in the depths of her desk in her heater lit room drawing past 5am.


    She has been giving birth to her work through various media for as long as she can remember. Drawing and molding clay have been her two favorite vehicles to express herself.


    “I live life day to day. I don't know a whole lot. I am just taking my desperate feelings and drawing them on paper, kneading them into shapes and binding them with words.”

  • Life is amazing.


    Life makes your heart beat, pushes blood rushing through your flesh,

    flexes your muscles, sends electric signals to your brain, and lights the fire in your eye.


    Ever since I was old enough to think for myself, I've believed that life has color.

    It's a dance of yellow and orange, round in shape.


    The life of whales, ants, trees, and everyone, including myself, has the same color and shape.


    We were all been born in a different shape and form.

    We have all had different thoughts.

    We have all spent different times in different places.


    Our hearts, however, are the same.

    Happiness, sorrow, loneliness, love, jealousy -- those kinds of feelings are all the same.


    I am a very meaningless existence.

    Compared to the universe, I am merely a dust particle.

    You are also dust.

    We are all dust.

    We are born not knowing what is going on and with no other purpose

    but to race toward death, without knowing what's going on.

    We have nothing better than to live to our greatest ability.


    I love every life.

    Dust-like lives desperately feeling, screaming, living and dying.


    I don't know much.

    I can't do much more than to express our souls, our lives.


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    works found on a desk somewhere in japan

    giant me - let me wear underwear in peace

    pencil drawing - on paper

    I like being in a T-shirt without wearing pants. I wish I could dress that way all the time, but society won't let me.
    If my body grew huge like a giant, I wonder if all the chains that bind me will drop off ?




    under railway viaduct

    water color - on paper

    Humans are amazing. Humans pave roads, build bridges and establish cities. There are moments where I am suddenly astonished by the magnitude of it all.
    In those instances, the sectioned light blue sky can be awfully beautiful.



    cat goals

    acrylic - on paper

    This cat wanted to be a dolphin.
    But then it turned out that a cat cannot breathe in the water.




    smoking girl

    acrylic - on paper

    ...is judging you

    阿吽 - "aun"

    face paint

    "A" is the first letter in the Japanese Alphabet. "N" comes at the end.


    We are separate entities yet we know from the beginning to the end how the other feels. Without a word.

    拈華微笑 - "nengemisho"

    face paint

    Sometimes silence is more suitable rather than trying to describe your emotion. Logic and reason aren't always necessary.

    dear sad people

    pencil drawing - on paper

    I love sad people. But people's bodies are not fully equipped to accept sadness. So when the sadness comes, all people can do is persevere. Something that is trying so hard to endure sadness--is enough to love on its own.



    angry moe

    pencil and acrylic - on paper

    I am angry. It is because people and society try to evaluate me. All evaluations that have been brought upon me are all inaccurate. I am neither good or evil. Please do not try to evaluate me, but rather try to feel what I feel.


    Sony Walkman

    Pen - on paper

    A portable CD player, sneakers, underwear, in the bathroom.


    what a small world

    Pen - on paper

    The world must be too small for you, when you're so tall, I suppose.


    sorry in a jar

    Pen - on paper

    Caution. Highly contagious.



    Pen - on paper

    Have they finally gotten together after a long while? Or are they parting?


    why didn't you lock

    Pen - on paper

    It's none of my fault, why didn't you lock the door, you idiot. Life isn't fair.


    i miss you.

    Pen - on paper

    It's funny how some people can make me angry by making me miss them.


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